You have an idea?

We get you on track.

by Emder GründerInnenzentrum GmbH - Accelerator für Maritime Wirtschaft, Logistik und mehr!

You have an idea?

We get you on track.

by Emder GründerInnenzentrum GmbH - Accelerator for Maritime Economy, Logistics and more!


The Accelerator Program

Together with our partners, we will bring your innovative idea forward. Our goal is to support innovative founders to make their idea become reality and to successfully build up a company. For this purpose, we have created the Accelerator Start-up Port Emden.
The focus of the Start-up Accelerator is on the targeted support of so-called Early Stage Start-ups, which pursue projects in the fields of maritime economy and logistics - but we also give other business ideas a chance.
With us you get the support you need to get your project moving in a short time. We provide access to potential customers and partners, offer assistance from experienced companies and mentors* and an inspiring working environment.


After the admission pitch, we work out a coaching schedule together. Here, we jointly determine the next steps and discuss which measures make sense - from individual coaching to your own workplace.

Mentors & coaches

A team of experienced mentors and coaches is at your side to help you develop your idea and take it to the next level.  If the chemistry is not right, we will gladly continue to search for you.


It is not a matter of opposing each other, it is about coexistence.  We give you access to the regional start-up ecosystem, also across borders with our Dutch partners.


... is your creativity and passion!

The ideal time to participate in Start-up Port Emden is when you have a strong concept or prototype in the drawer. Together with our network, mentors and coaches, we will bring you and your team as close as possible to marketability and prepare you for the next steps with a lot of passion and experience.

At the same time, you and your team remain independent and do not have to give up any shares of your company. However, to get a start-up on track, a lot of questions arise. The program offers the opportunity to participate in exciting workshops on the relevant start-up topics. Whether finances, legal forms, subsidies, sales, or marketing - there is something for everyone. Of course, the exchange with like-minded people should not be neglected.

Do you already have a business idea, a prototype / MVP or are you already generating initial revenues with your start-up? Then apply now!

You only need a few minutes to submit your application and maybe change your life forever. Of course, your idea is in the best of hands with us and will be treated confidentially, without any obligation for you. In the first step we would like to get to know you in a personal conversation and learn more about you and your idea.

Further information can also be found in our FAQs or write an email to our project manager Stefan Neeland:

Here you will soon find information about the start of the next Accelerator program.

Mentors & coaches

Prof. Dr. Dirk Schleuter
Professur für Produktion und Logistik
Dafür stehe ich
#Intralogistik #Distributionslogistik #Lean Management #Prozessoptimierung
Lennard Drogendijk
Managing Director Business Development Friesland / NL
Dafür stehe ich
#Startupfinance #intheNetherlands #Internationalgrowth #Strategicplanning
Keno Voß
CEO bei Laut & Sichtbar
Dafür stehe ich
#startupdna #digitalmarketing #markenbildung #videoproduktion
Jan Pleis
Gründer von GOOE.EU
Dafür stehe ich
#holisticthinking #ecosocialsustainability #chooseabuzzword
Björn Steinecke
CEO bei Tec Networks & JuSt Ventures
Dafür stehe ich
#technologie #innovation #teamwork
Daniel Juhnke
CEO bei Tec Networks & JuSt Ventures
Dafür stehe ich
#tech #mindset #leadership
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars U. Jänchen
Marketing und Vertrieb für Ingenieure
Dafür stehe ich
#buildbusinesses #networking #creativity #thinkoutofthebox
Gerd Janssen
CEO bei Supertek GmbH
Dafür stehe ich
#Unternehmensaufbau #Führung #Prototyping #Automatisierung #Industrie 4.0
Anke Hölscher
Industrie- und Handelskammer für Ostfriesland und Papenburg
Dafür stehe ich
#Businessplan #SozialeAbsicherung #Gründungsfinanzierung
Dr. Manfred Hoogestraat
Business Angel
Dafür stehe ich
#Vertrieb #Unternehmensführung #Startupaufbau

Supporters & network partners 

Hochschulinstitut für Logistik HILog

Logistikachse Ems

Industrie- und Handelskammer

Arbeitgeberverband für Ostfriesland und Papenburg e.V.

The Northern Startup Scene

Ems-Achse e.V

Startup Center

redOx - Emder Gründungsnetzwerk

Seaport Emden

Startup Ecosystem
im Ems-Dollart-Gebiet

Sparkasse Emden

Wirtschaftsförderkreis Harlingerland e.V.

Become a supporter

What does a start-up ecosystem live on? From as many people as possible who participate.
Become part of our community and contribute something - know-how or experience, a job or capital for a start-up. Maybe your time will even allow you to support our teams as a mentor? Or just catch a whiff of start-up air and be part of one of our events.

Call us or write us an email.  We will get in touch with you.

The first application-phase ends in:


Apply now and before November 27

Jetzt noch bis 27.11.2020 bewerben!


round one on November 5, 2020!

  • You have an idea - but no team yet?
  • You want to get something going yourself - but are still looking for a challenge?
  • There is a challenge in your company - but you do not have a solution yet?
  • You believe in your idea - but do not want to implement it yourself?

Get in touch with us and redeem your ticket!
In our Online-StartupArena you can pitch yourself, your idea, or your question! Public. Anonymously. Digital - just as you like.
We match the exchange for you and - with a little luck - something special will be created. The next date will take place during the 4-week application phase - we will inform you in time.

Your contact at Startup Port Emden:

Stefan Neeland
Phone: +49 04921 591 38 21

Startup Port Emden - News

StartupArena - wir bringen Euch zusammen!

Am 05. November 2020 ab 18:00 Uhr bieten wir erstmalig unsere StartupArena (online) an. Als registrierter Besucher kannst Du an der StartupArena kostenlos teilnehmen und

Hier weiterlesen

  • für Dein Startup Mitmacher suchen, die notwendiges Knowhow beisteuern
  • Dich anderen präsentieren, wenn Du gerne an einem Startup mitmachen möchtest, aber keine eigene Idee hast
  • Du eine Idee oder eine Problemstellung hast, aber dies selbst nicht umsetzen möchtest und ein innovatives Team suchst.

Mitmachen kannst Du anonym oder öffentlich – so wie Du magst. Wir matchen für Euch anschließend im Hintergrund die Kontaktherstellung, so wie wir es vorher mit Euch besprochen haben.
Sprich uns gerne an und wir stellen Dir vor, was technisch notwendig ist und in welcher Form Du teilnehmen kannst. Der Kontakt zu uns wird natürlich streng vertraulich behandelt.

EventTipp: innovate! Osnabrück - dieses Jahr virtuell!

Bei der innovate! treffen innovative Vordenker aufeinander um die Zukunft der Wirtschaft in den Bereichen Food, Agrar und Digital zu formen.

Startup Port Emden on tour

Startup Port Emden? Accelerator-programm? Wir machen uns gerne auf die Piste und stellen uns im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung oder eines Informationsstands und die Idee "Startup Port Emden" einmal vor Ort vor. 


We can accompany you!

Do you have an innovative, digital or knowledge-based idea, would you like to set up a business in Lower Saxony, but you don't have the financial means? The start-up grant supports you in the pre-seed and seed phase. It covers start-up expenses as well as your living expenses.

The Emden start-up center or the team from the startup Port Emden can act as an accompanying body and accompany you in your start-up process. Current information on the start-up grant can be found on the Nbank website.

Startup Port Emden - the team

Stefan Neeland
Dafür bin ich da
#TeamStartup&Gründung #Projektleiter #StartupCoach #StartupArena

04921 591 38 21

Bettina Parré
Dafür bin ich da
#TeamStartup&Gründung #Gründungslotsin

04921 591 38 20

Anita Totaj
Dafür bin ich da
#TeamStartup&Gründung #DigitalScout

04921 591 38 23


How do I apply?

Please send us your application exclusively via our application form.

How does the program work?

You can find information about our program in our graphic.

Who can apply?

Startup teams and talents who have an innovative idea can apply. We primarily support projects in the areas of logistics and the maritime industry, but we also give other ideas a chance.

Where does the program take place?

The program takes place in Emden. Regular participation in the offered events and coaching is expected. We are currently planning a mix of face-to-face and online offers. Ideally, the company should be founded in Lower Saxony.

How does the application phase work?

The application process starts with you establishing contact. Twice a year we invite you to a pitch day and you get the chance to present yourself and your idea in front of a selected committee. This is also where the decision about acceptance into the accelerator program is made. Of course, we are available for questions in advance.

When does the new application phase begin?

The next program start for the teams is planned for autumn 2020. We will be happy to inform you directly or you can follow our public notices.

Do I have to sell shares in my company?

No, you do not have to give up any shares of your company. You remain completely independent.

What support do participating start-ups receive?

Participating start-ups receive systematic coaching and mentoring from our partners.  The goal is to support you in business, product, and team development. Together with our partners, we offer young companies access to valuable contacts to university institutes, companies, other start-ups, and potential customers as well as a corresponding infrastructure for the development of innovative products and services.

I have an idea, but no team - can I still apply?

Yes, in our so called "StartupArena" we offer you a platform to present yourself and your idea - here you have the chance to get to know other people involved.

I have a talent but no idea - can I still apply?

Yes, even if you do not have an idea, but would like to work for a start-up and have a talent, such as marketing or accounting expertise, you can present yourself in the StartupArena or apply directly and we will try to connect you with others.

I have further questions. Who can I contact?

Just give us a call or send us an email to our central email address and we will contact you immediately.

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